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video confidence May 31, 2016

How to Boost Your Video Confidence

There are some sure-fire ways to boost your confidence when it comes to anything. But here are 3 ways to pump up your video confidence so you can tackle video. Here are JUST 3 things you need to boost your video confidence!

  1. First things first. Don't be afraid to fail. I know this sounds backward, but once you let go of the fear of failing you are empowered to try and when you try you are gaining valuable experience to build your... CONFIDENCE.
  2. Visualize what a successful outcome looks like. Before you begin any task that you aren't yet fully confident in. Sit down and spend a few minutes seeing a wildly successful outcome in your mind's eye.
  3. Lastly, give yourself permission to make mistakes or as I like to say have learning experiences. Because it's only a mistake if you don't learn anything from it.

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Those are the three things you need to boost your video confidence. Now I challenge you. Let's do this. I've put together a Free 5 Day #1min1take video challenge. No muss no fuss and no editing.


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