How to Make Youtube Videos Cheap & Still Look Pro

business cinema Nov 28, 2017

Making videos on a budget is where a lot of people start. In this video, I'm breaking down how to make YouTube videos cheap. Using my pro video tips you will see where you can not only save a ton of money but also save some of your time budget.

Let There Be Light

  • No Budget - Use what you have available, the sun. 
  • Shut off overhead lighting. 
  • Don't mix color temperatures. 
  • Test the light for the location where you want to shoot. Set up the camera and record a test video every hour so you can see how the lighting changes from hour to hour. 
  • My lighting Kit - Ikan Lyra Lights

Upgrade Your Audio

  • Don't rely on the built-in mic
  • Make sure you have as much control over the background noise as you can
  • Rode SmartLav - VIDEO - Buy
  • Blue Yeti - VIDEO - Buy


  • Make simple graphics in Canva and add them to your videos - Check out this video where I show you how.
  • Adding in a few simple graphics will add that pro touch without breaking the bank. Check out this video where I show you how to add your Canva graphics to your videos.

Plan Your Videos

  • Go from Oh no to Super Pro
  • Spend some time planning out the details so you are not wasting time
  • I've never been on a pro set where they said, " There's no plan, let's just see what happens."
  • Stop wasting time & make great videos. 
  • Grab the Business Cinema Production Planner

Q: What was your biggest takeaway? Did you learn something new, get reminded of something you forgot or something else?

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