How to Record Video 3 Easy Steps

How to Record a Video 3 Easy Steps

Recording that first video can be a bit overwhelming. What equipment should I use? What should I wear? What should be in the background? What in the hell do I even say? Here are JUST 3 things you need to make your first video!

  1. Who is your audience? Know who you are making this video for.
  2. You need something to record it so grab a camera. - I recommend any camera you have handy. My guess is you have one within 3 feet of your right now.
  3. Create an Outline or jot down a few Bullet Points. Options you want to express or tips you want to share. Keep this between 3 - 5.

[Tweet "That was easy! How to record a video in 3 easy steps"] Those are the 3 things you need to record your first video. Now I challenge you. Let's do this. I've put together a Free 5 Day #1min1take video challenge. No muss no fuss and no editing.


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Listen I get it. I've made ALL of these mistakes so you don't have to. Grab this easy checklist to make sure every time you make a video!