How to Edit Your Videos Faster

Simple tips to edit your YouTube videos faster. Cause ain't nobody got time for that. Editing can be time-consuming, here's a few extra tips and tricks to save you a ton of time.

MISCONCEPTION: Editing Fast doesn't start when you start actually editing your videos. It starts way before that ever happens, during the pre-production phase of the video creation process. 


  • Plan out your content
  • Reverse engineer your content
  • Create Business Cinema™ - Video with a plan, a purpose, a system and a strategy.

This is what is going to allow you to edit your videos super fast. You will know exactly what you want to record and exactly how you want to record it. When it comes time to edit it's literally like putting together a puzzle. 

MISCONCEPTION: I'm just going to wing it and it's going to go viral.

Check out the special formula I use to record all of my videos here.

Check out the Business Cinema Production Planner & walkthrough course -


  • Production Checklist
  • Keep track of your "good" files
  • Don't waste time looking for the "good" files
  • Save space on external hard-drives

Post Production

  • Learn your editing programs keyboard shortcuts
  • Get really familiar with how your editing program works
  • Save time by preparing for post production

I use the Business Cinema™ Production Planner to effectively create all of my YouTube videos. It's the system, checklists, formulas and plan you need to save you a ton of time.

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