This is perfect for you if you find yourself constantly feeling like you don’t have enough time for video and then even if you do squeeze out the time to make a video you’re not doing it consistently. 

If you are confused about what you should be talking about. How much you should share. How to do it all without shooting a bazillion takes of the same video. Video Made Easy is designed to eliminate your overwhelm and frustration and turn video into something that actually helps grow your business.  

If you’ve ever felt stuck in perfection paralysis or stuck at procrastination station. This is exactly what you need to get motivated and stay motivated, so you can grow your business and achieve the results you want. 

This will work for you if you’ve made hundreds of videos or no videos at all. 


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What's Included in Your Subscription

Monthly Video Content MAP [Marketing Action Plan]

Each month you'll get a step by step action plan on how to create videos that will help grow your business. You don't have worry about coming up with ideas. I do all the leg work for you. 

No strategy. No problem. You'll get the strategy behind the ideas, where to share your videos, how to execute the videos and learn all about my favorite tools & resources for making it happen fast!


Videos that will Increase your Income & Impact

You will create actual videos you can use to grow your business. The videos you create will be based on the monthly theme which is strategically chosen each month.

We will focus on different social platforms, types of videos, ways to create video and different video strategies.

Video is a journey and when you are able to harness the power of video you will be able to surpass your wildest video expectations. 

Personalized Support & Accountability 

No more procrastination station. No more perfection paralysis. We are all about execution and imperfect action. The time for theory is gone. This is the time for action. 

You will get personalized support and accountability to get the work done & not with time sucking zoom calls. You will be able to reach out to me personally and ask your question. 

Templates, Checklists, Formulas, Tools & Resources

No more trying to reinvent the wheel. I've already done all the work for you. You will get access to not only the Business Cinema™ Production Planner, but all sorts of other resources to keep you on track and moving forward and of course make Video Easy for you. 


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