Facebook Group Terms



This agreement is between you (the GROUP MEMBER) and Holly Gillen DBA Holly G Studios (the “COMPANY”), a New Jersey Company. The Facebook® groups, Video Success Formula, Holly G VIP, Business Cinema Academy Members Only (the “GROUPS”) is provided as a courtesy and optional service from the COMPANY.

This agreement in no way circumvents or takes the place of the terms and conditions of use imposed by Facebook®. You are also bound by any terms of use provided by Facebook®.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. a Delaware Corporation and COMPANY makes no claim or right on the intellectual property regarding the trademark Facebook®.

When you join, or are added as part of a purchase by you of COMPANY’s products or services, you are providing your explicit consent to these GROUP rules.
If you do not agree to these terms, then please remove yourself from the group, or contact the GROUP admin and asked to be removed.

A “PROMOTION” is defined as:

  • Furthering the progress of something (especially a business, good, service), or trying to engage support or actively encourage others to opt-in or purchase a good or service.
  • Selling (for compensation) any good and or service
  • Advertising (providing a URL) for free or compensation any good or service.
  • Advertising or mentioning a webinar or live event
  • Asking for feedback regarding a good, service, webinar, Periscope® with the intention and focus of advertising and promoting your good or service. 
  • Posting the URL to sites that you have ownership and or management of, when done with the intention of “promoting”
  • Posting any social media handles or links to gain attention, likes, engagement, when in the intention of promoting yourself and your business.
  • Posting audio or visuals with links to URLs that you have an ownership or personal interest in.
  • Posting links to your personal or business blogs to engage others.
  • Private messaging GROUP members with links and or information about your businesses that they did not request.

Sharing URLs when you are providing value to someone else’s sites in response to a post.
When responding thoughtfully to another member’s post with a link to a URL that you have ownership and or management interest in.

You are not allowed to post or link to any pages that include an affiliate link at any time within this GROUP. Posting an affiliate link is cause for immediate termination of your participation in this GROUP.

This GROUP is provided as a service to you to connect with other like-minded individuals and provide value to one another through positive and constructive feedback and engagement.
We all know what ‘being a jerk’ is but here are the guidelines for this GROUP. If you violate any of these at any time, that is cause for immediate removal from this GROUP:

  • No gossip about members in this GROUP or other groups,
  • No ridiculing or mocking other members in this GROUP or other groups,
  • No bad mouthing or disparaging other members in this GROUP, or other groups, or other businesses either online or offline,
  • No profanity,
  • No offensive language or tone.


Any information shared within this GROUP may not be shared outside this GROUP without permission from the original member that posted the information.
Ideas (intellectual property) are shared within this group, and you may not share ideas that are not yours.
You are free to share resources and or links to other helpful information that is already published and has a URL associated with it.

“Intellectual property is the oil of the twenty-first century.” Mark Getty, Getty Images.
Please exercise restraint when sharing your ideas, business plans, names, logos, taglines, course ideas, etc. within this group. The COMPANY assumes no responsibility or liability for any intellectual property that you share voluntarily within this group for feedback.
Your intellectual property is valuable and this GROUP is an environment for sharing information, but what you share regarding your valuable intellectual property is done at your own risk.

This GROUP is a place to engage with other like-minded individuals and receive and give value to others.
Positive constructive feedback is valuable and encouraged.

You are free to create and add new documents to the group. The COMPANY assumes no responsibility or liability regarding documents posted within the GROUP and available to members.

If you use a document created by another member in the GROUP, you are using at your own risk. COMPANY assumes no responsibility or liability for the truth and or accuracy of anything created and located within a document that COMPANY did not create.

COMPANY wants to provide a safe, positive, and engaging community but also understands that at times it is required to take action to remove those GROUP members that are not following these GROUP rules.
The following is a list of actions that are cause for immediate removal from this GROUP, including but not limited to:

  • Violation of any of the terms listed in this agreement,
  • Blatant or subtle promotion designed to push the limits of “promoting”
  • Sharing GROUP information outside of this group that doesn’t have a public URL associated with it,


You may contact the COMPANY by:
Holly Gillen

Holly G Studios

PO Box 4365

River Edge, NJ 07661