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The Virtual Video Producer Service is an exclusive video service - more done with you & for you, less DIY.

This service is perfect for you if you have more money than, time. You are ready, willing and able to take the necessary steps that you need to achieve video success with my guidance,
help and direction.

I can help with your audio, visual, lighting and understanding your equipment. The planning, system and strategy. The big picture and all the little details in between. I think about it, so you don't have to.

I'm ready to be your video wing-[wo]man. I’m sharing hands in the dirt practical tips, tactics and strategies to set you up to create not just videos, but Business Cinema™.

That's video with a plan, a purpose, a system and a strategy. I will save you time, money and tons of frustration with my proven formulas, systems and winning strategies.

Together we will formulate a plan that makes sense for you and your business. This is not a cookie cutter solution. This is a completely customized service based on your personal needs and desires.

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Why Holly G?

Holly started her career video production in 2008 as a Videographer, Producer, and Editor working with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music,, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker and many others.

Her skills and experience run the full gamut from Producing and Directing to Shooting and Editing, and she has translated those skills into to support entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.

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