Business Cinema™ Production Planner

You are ready to take video seriously in 2018.

There are two options and I will walk you through those options.

But first, an important distinction this planner is an open quarterly planner. What does that mean it means there are no dates in it. So if you want to start using it as soon as you get it, you don't have to wait until the planner starts on a specific date and if you want to wait until next month that's totally fine too. You set the start and end dates for your planner.

Here are your delivery options:

  1. Physical Planner - This will be shipped directly to you. This is $99 and shipping is free.
  2. Digital Planner - You will download and print. Print it at home, Staples, Kinkos where ever you'd like. This is $59 with a $29 quarterly renewal fee. The quarterly renewal fee will give you access to the latest version of the planner on a quarterly basis. Which you can cancel at any time.

Both of these options come with access to the walk-through experience which shows you how to use this planner to it's fullest ability.

Now the choice is yours.