Studio Services

Services to help support you on your video journey no matter where you are.







Business Cinema Academy

A video community for people who understand the power of video
and the value of a community. 
People who are ready to take action and get the support, training & accountability they need to take things to the next level. 


Go Live Like a Pro

Step by step instructions on how to set up your Facebook Live Broadcast like a pro. 

• Learn what the best practices are to go live like a pro - every time!
• Find Resources to help you, from equipment to apps.
• Plus get a comprehensive list of brainstorming ideas - so you are never without fresh content!


YouTube Channel Makeover

Tired of hiding from embarrassment because of how your
YouTube Channel looks?

Are you ready to turn it into a destination for you to expand your reach, establish yourself as an expert, build relations & make money?

I have the solution you have been dreaming about!


Video with a plan, a purpose, a system and a strategy. Not just creating video for the sake of creating video. Creating video that actually moves your business forward.