Learn How to Make Videos
That Attract Your Super Fans!

This planner is designed with you in mind. It will keep you on track and organized.
It's everything you need to plan, strategize and systematically produce the next 3 months of content for your YouTube® Channel.


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Here's What's Included

The Four Pillars

This is step one when it comes to making video. I will walk you through all the things you need to be clear on before you start your video journey.

Annual Vision

"Where focus goes, energy flows." - Tony Robbins. This section is used to help you get clear and track where you want to focus your energy in your business. 

Monthly Calendar

Use your monthly calendar to track important dates, plan and organize your month. In a glance you know what you have going on.

Big List of Ideas

You are bound to be struck with inspiration and brilliant ideas throughout the month. You can keep track of all of those gems right here.

Scripts & Storyboards

Use my proven formula to write scripts that attract, engage, educate and motivate your viewers. Then plan out the visual elements using the storyboard.

Video Optimization

YouTube is the second largest search engine so it’s really important that you optimize all of your videos so your people can find them and fall in love with you.

Monthly Planner

The monthly planner, different than your monthly calendar is used to track and list the videos you are creating on a monthly basis. 

Video Production

Plan, research and prep a month’s worth of videos so they can be recorded all at the same time. Use the Video Production planner to record all of your videos without a hitch.

Post Production

Stay organized with this editing checklist, know what you want to edit and when. Whether you want to edit all your videos at the same time or one by one you will be prepared.

Upload Optimization

I’ve included this as a checklist to be used in conjunction with your Video Optimization planner. Use this when you are ready to upload your videos to YouTube.


So this may seem like a no brainer, but it’s easy to skip this step, don’t skip it. It’s like hitting a homerun and only running to third base. 

Video Tracker

Track exactly where you are with each video. At a glance you will see where you left off and what still need to do.

Here's How It Works

You get a Walk-Through Course, where I will walk you through each section of the planner, explain exactly what everything means, and exactly how to fill each section
out to get the most value as possible.

We will have live calls to answer any questions, brainstorm and bounce ideas.

Plus an exclusive community to mix and mingle with other BCP Planners.


You Want to Make Videos with a Plan

BUT - you aren't sure where to start, what kind of videos to make, how to get people to watch them or how to actually record them. Never mind editing them. 

I can help, Holly G, Your Go-To Video Gal and I love planning and organizing. I've been working professionally in video production since 2008. I've taken all that experience and knowledge mixed it all together to create the Business Cinema Production Planner.
You will benefit from all my combined years of experience and my trial and error so you can do it with less bumps in the road. Saving you time, energy and frustration.

Get on the Waiting List

This is a live walk-through and the next round will be opening up later this month. Be one of the first to know by getting on the waiting list now.