Gain the confidence you need to create
cringe-free videos
you are proud to show off!

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May 1, 2020









Are You Tired of Putting Video Off?

Believe me, I know video can be a daunting task to say the least. There are seemingly a billion things to do so YEAH it gets put off, pushed down the list, or forgotten about.

WELL, NO MORE I'm going to show you how to turn creating video from overwhelming and frustrating to fun and profitable.

Do you want to be able to pick up your camera and shoot a video for your blog, free video series or your signature course with ease? How about feeling more confident when you host webinars or meet people at networking events. Those are just two of the added benefits that this experience has to offer.

Video is the FASTEST way for you to attract YOUR people and stand out as an expert in your field or industry, practically eliminating any competition.

This a fully immersive experience, not your typical e-course with an absentee instructor. You get my full attention on you and your videos for 15 Days.

I want to help you transform and become the video star I know you are, which is why I create the From Start to Star an Experience in Video Confidence. 

I'm Ready To Take Action & Get Accountable!

I'm Ready!

Video Can Be Easy & Fun

I will help you go from confused to confident and from fearful to fearless.

   ✔ Overcome your fears of technology & visibility. Learn how to set-up and use your equipment with ease. 

   ✔ Get super comfy being YOU on camera and ditch your fears of visibility. 

   ✔ Be part of a supportive community of other business owners who are strengthening their video muscles. 

   ✔ Learn professional video techniques to help you stand out and have that high-quality look and feel.

   ✔ Create memorable videos for your business that will build your authority and trust.

What if I told you In a matter of 2 weeks you could crush your video blocks, knock down your techie goblins and create 5 useable videos for your biz. All the while having a blast and making new friends.

This is a fully immersive experience in video confidence taking you from total newbie to business superstar in 15 days flat!

Talk about an extreme makeover.

You’ll build the confidence you need to not only start making videos that will take your business to the next level – you will ACTUALLY make them!!

If you are ready to stop procrastinating and start producing; to conquer confusion;
to start creating and fly past fear to total CONFIDENCE then I would LOVE to work with YOU!

I'm Ready!

I'm Ready To Take Action & Get Accountable!

I'm Ready!

Here's What An Experience In
Video Confidence Looks Like


Overcome your fears of the camera, technology and visibility.

Both behind and in front of and behind the lens.

Learn how to share your authentic voice with your audience through video.

Get practical tips and video advice that you can implement immediately.

Be a part of a supportive and uplifting international community.


Use what you have – your smartphone, iPad, computer, etc. and if you have fancy equipment that’s totally cool too.

Create 5 videos you can use right away. Sales, About + 3 Video Blogs

I'm Ready To Tackle My Fears & Set Myself Up For Video Success

I'm Ready!

Why Holly G?


Buyer Beware: Not all video "pros" are created equally. Learn how to go pro from an actual video professional.

I started my career in video production in 2008 as a Videographer, Producer, and Editor and I've worked with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music,, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker and many others.

The skills I've learned and experience I've gained over the years run the full gamut from Producing and Directing to Shooting and Editing. Now I have translated these skills to support online entrepreneurs on their video journeys.

I'm ready to help you achieve your video dreams and help you succeed on your video journey. I always say I succeed when you succeed, and I like to succeed!

This Is Not For You If...

Video is not a priority in your business.

You are more interested in making excuses instead of videos.

You are looking for an easy solution that requires no effort on your part. 

You are not willing to commit to your own success. I can help you, but you still have to do the work.


I'm Ready To Take Action & Get Accountable!

I'm Ready!


What kind of Equipment do I need to participate?

No need for fancy equipment, any camera will do. I recommend you start with what you have. If you have fancy equipment that's cool too. I encourage you to experiment through out the challenge to test all of you options.

While I do not specifically talk about equipment during the Experience, I will be available to answer questions as they naturally arise with any equipment you are using.

Is your program geared to the complete newbie, i.e. videos creation for dummies?

I designed this program so everyone can learn in their own lane. You can be a complete newbie and not feel intimidated OR you can have some experience and still feel challenged.

Over the course of the experience, I will release new video assignment daily. Then it's up to you to grab your camera and get to work. There is only one rule and that is you have to keep the video under 3 minutes.

Does my computer require a special program to create and edit videos?

You can upload your videos directly to YouTube with no editing OR you can do some simple editing with (or any editing program you choose.) It's totally up to you. 

How does it all work?

Everyday a new "video assignment" will be released. Then it's up to you to get to work. You have 24 hours to complete your assignment. So no matter where in the world you are. Everyone gets the same amount of time to take action. 

How much time will I need everyday to participate?

You devote as little or as much time as you want. I have had a participant film a video with her smartphone while on a ski lift with her son. Then I have had others who have spent hours recording and editing their videos. The key is to show up everyday for yourself. To make a commitment to not give up and to strive for completion, not perfection.

This is the place to make mistakes, to learn and ask questions, to try new things to see what works. This is the place to be supported and be part of a community of people who will quickly become your "video friends" as one of my past video stars put it. The experience itself is a testament to exactly how and why video works to create connections.


Some More Video Testimonials

I always thought it was easy to tell people how great you are, but what's not as easy is to let other and your work do the talking for you.

Are You In or Out?

I'm not going to lie and tell you this is an easy button to achieving your video goals and dreams, but if you commit you WILL see results!

I'm Ready!