Topics I'd love to discuss with your audience.

I am happy to work with you to create a custom message crafted specifically for your audience about anything video or online business related.

  • Getting started & overcoming your video blocks
  • Video Confidence
  • Video technology, tools, resources and tips
  • Video Planning 
  • Video Strategy
  • Video Systems
  • Using video to grow your business
  • The personal side of video
  • Course video
  • and so much more

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Sara Christensen •
Kickass Masterminds

Sara booked Holly to create a custom presentation based around my Business Cinema™ Planner to one of her Mastermind groups who had an interest in learning more about how to use video in their businesses. 


Bio & Headshots

Holly empowers high performing leading lady entrepreneurs to save time on both sides of the camera & teaches them the skills they need to create not just video but Business Cinema™.

Business Cinema™ is the way she likes to describe the next level video. Not creating content for creating content, but creating videos that have a plan, a purpose and a strategy. Videos that move your business forward and have a bigger purpose.

Holly started her career video production in 2008 as a Camera Operator, Producer, and Editor working with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music,, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker and many others.

Her skills and experience run the full gamut from Producing and Directing to Shooting and Editing, and she has translated those skills into a range of educational courses and services to support high performing leading lady entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.

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Video with a plan, a purpose, a system and a strategy. Not just creating video for the sake of creating video. Creating video that actually moves your business forward.