Get and Stay Consistent With Your Videos

In this free download get a monthly breakdown with ideas, topics, themes, monthly events,
and important monthly dates to base your content around. 

2021 Video Content MAP Idea Workbook

Not sure what to talk about in your videos? You think and then overthink it to the point of not doing anything. I call this procrastaplanning. 

Go from stalled out to building klout with your videos. 

Holly G Here

I didn't just fall off the back of a truck and crown myself the go-to video gal. I've been working in Video Production for over 11 years and I've been running my online business for 7 years. 

I've worked on projects for the Sundance Channel, HBO, Sony Music & to name a few. I've worked professionally as a Camera Operator, Video Producer, and Editor. 

I've taken my years of professional experience and created a proven system that combines my professional video production skills and my online biz skills. To be able to provide you something unique and powerful! 


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