Inside Your Half Day Private Session

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We plan months of fully fleshed out videos ideas that your audience can't wait to binge watch and you can't wait to create. 

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You will have more time and less stress with my proven system for planning, recording, editing, promoting and more. 

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No more willy-nilly videos for you. Make videos that actually serve your business, your audience and increase your income. #winning


Monday: It's almost time to make another video. Stress sets in. Ok but first, let me just check my email... end of the day. Ok I will for real make that video tomorrow so it's ready for Friday!

Tuesday: So many things to do. Oh man, but first let me check Facebook. Oh look a new course on how to build ads. I totally need this if I want to make ads. Oh man I was suppose to make my video today. I will totally do it tomorrow. 

Wednesday: Is that what I think it is?!?! Who gets a pimple at this age? It's from all this video stress. I just need to relax. 

Thursday: Nurse pimple

Friday: It's video day. You know what I'm just going to wait until next week. It's fine. No one will even notice. 

Result: Guilt, Shame and Stress. 


Videos scheduled for months! Yesssss

Result: Stress free time to devote to focus on serving my clients, myself and my family. While these videos build my authority, grown my reach, do the selling for me and boom ding another sale just came rolling in. I LOVE IT!!

Plan Months of Videos

If knowing you will have months of videos planned out waiting to be released ahead of time makes you feel like screaming...

Create Videos with a Purpose

If the idea of creating purposeful content that actually serves your business make you feel like...

Videos with a Strategy

If the idea of having a strategy in place so you know exactly what the mission of each video is and how that fits into the big picture of your business makes you go...

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Step By Step

I'm sharing my exact process to plan out months of videos that actually move your business forward and increase your bottom line. In just a few hours you will learn what took me years to refine. 

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Personalized Recommendations

Before we have our private session I will take a deep look at your business and come prepared with personalized recommendations for videos and strategies you can use immediately.

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Increase Your
Income & Impact

Create videos that your audience craves and wants to binge watch. Videos that build your authority and position you as an expert all while planting seed for your services, products and offerings. 

You shouldn't have to waste your time working on the wrong things

Together we will plan, strategize and develop a content marketing action plan that makes sense for you and your business.

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Increase Your Income & Impact

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Skipped Right to the End?!?!

If you are down here because you scrolled down looking for the price so you can decide if you want to do this, let me help you out - The price is irrelevant, you have to understand the value of what you are receiving is immeasurable. The things you will learn in this workshop will serve your business for life.

I am saving you hours of aggravation, frustration, time wasted, deadlines missed, guilt filled talks with yourself about how you are going to do it tomorrow, no really this time. Sleepless nights thinking about your "competitors" videos and how you can do that too! (of course you can and you will - with my help.)

You will be getting your sanity back, your time back, I am handing over to you the holy grail of Business Cinema™. I am teaching you the skills to pay the bills. These skills will last way beyond the time we spend together.

So how much is months of worry free video content, selling for you, building and maintaining relationships for you, growing your reach and strengthening your brand - all while showcasing your personality and expertise in a fun and easy way -- while you are sipping margaritas on the beach (or wiping baby butts.) worth to you?